West Farm Surgery

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Patient Access

Home Visits

If you think an immediate visit is required please tell the receptionist. It may be more appropriate to go directly to your local Casualty department. If an ambulance is required then dial 999.

We need to make the best use of our clinical staff allowing them to provide the most appropriate care to those most in need. For the vast majority of patients attending an appointment at the Surgery is the best option for them and for the Practice staff. Attending a surgery allows our clinical team to see many more patients in a day than if we are visiting you at home

If you think you may need a home visit

Please try to ring before 10.30am.

Always provide a current landline/mobile number that we can reach you on.

The reception staff will briefly ask the reason for the visit and your request will be passed to the doctor on call. This helps understand the urgency of your problem as it may be more appropriate that an ambulance is called for you. The doctor on call will telephone you when they are available to discuss the problem with you to assess the best course of action.

We also have a local emergency care practitioner service. They are specialised nurses able to visit housebound patients. They can assess and prescribe for acute minor problems such as infections and falls. The GP can refer you on to this service after finding out about your condition on the telephone.

You can also be visited at home by a community nurse if you are housebound and have a nursing need such as wound dressing.