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There is a lot that you can do to look after your mental health. Just like physical health it takes a bit of work to stay well but it is something we often neglect in these busy times.

The good news is that looking after your mental health often means making changes that are also good for your physical health. Staying active and doing regular exercise, trying to keep hobbies and interests going particularly when they are sociable, avoiding drinking too much alcohol or drug use. Some people find mindfulness a helpful way of managing stress and anxiety. There are a number of apps available so you can try this in the comfort of your own home.

Sometimes it is not that straightforward though and you need some more support. The self help leaflets here give some more structured approaches to a range of problems. Please access the button below for a full range of self help leaflets, which you will find useful.

The guides are meant as an introduction to self help techniques, some people may need to seek additional support from a health professional.

For a free printed copy of the guides call 0191 246 7288 or email [email protected] with your full postal address.